Democrat Education Policies DAMAGE Kids – VOTE NO FOR DEMOCRAT JENA NELSON for State Superintendent

Democrat Education Policies DAMAGE Kids – VOTE NO FOR DEMOCRAT JENA NELSON for State Superintendent

With elections weeks away, Democrats are now scrambling to change history yet again. Though it was DEMOCRATS who were the main proponent of closing schools during the COVID 19 “pandemic”, the Biden administration is now attempting to shift the blame from Democrats for what we now KNOW damaged American school children possibly irreparably – the closing of public schools in favor of ‘distance learning’ for over a year.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Democratic-led states and teachers unions largely pushed school closures as a safety measure in 2020 and 2021, but both groups are now distancing themselves from those stances, as is the Biden administration.”

The article goes on to quote Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, blaming the virus itself, instead of Democrat union leaders for the school closures that kept kids out of classrooms.

“This once-in-a-generation virus upended our country in so many ways — and our students cannot be the ones who sacrifice most now or in the long run,” he said in a prepared statement. “We must treat the task of catching our children up in reading and math with the urgency this moment demands.”

Unsurprisingly, Cordona went on to try and bribe American parents away from their anger over the absolutely DISMAL NAEP scores recorded this year for English and Math, by assuring them there would be more money printed up to dole out as American Rescue Plan funds.

It’s important that American parents do not forget:

Randi Weingarten and the teacher’s unions worked with the CDC to keep schools closed according to FOIA’d emails.

If that article isn’t enough to drive that point home, here is another to review and here’s yet another…oh, and one more for your reading pleasure.

Sadly, not only has it been essentially proven (via 2022 NAEP scores) that American school students have ended up on the LOSING END OF LEARNING in the last several years, but studies have now shown NUMEROUS problems with Democrat-caused school closures.

For example, though this article sums up a number of issues, these would have to illustrate the most concerning issues beyond learning loss, including the death of students.

How the Closure of In-School Learning Damaged U.S. Children’s Mental Health During the Pandemic (TIME Magazine)

American Academy of Pediatrics: School closures, lockdown contributing to increase in children taking their own lives (Law Enforcement Today)

Covid-19 school closings linked to increase in depression and suicide, study finds (CNN)

These aren’t articles from just FOX news – or other independent, conservative-leaning news sources. CNN? TIME? Even these progressive bastions have spoken out about the damage caused by Democrat insistence that public schools be closed, though COVID 19 was NEVER indicated to have severe complications or spread in school-aged children.

But beyond even the damage done by the Democrat’s COVID policies, we can see from Oklahoma NAEP data that Oklahoma school children have CONSISTENTLY received a subpar education – and within the years of the Hofmeister superintendency, NAEP scores became legitimately ridiculous – probably because so much of public education is controlled by Oklahoma Democrats – including those in the Oklahoma’s Superintendent union CCOSA, and the Oklahoma School Boards Association OSSBA. (Please log on to our blospot and search both terms to find out how much damage these ‘nonpartisan’ (Democrat-run) organizations have done to Oklahoma education.)

Just get a load of Oklahoma’s NAEP scores:

VOTE NO FOR JENA NELSON for State Superintendent!

There can be no other way of reversing Oklahoma’s Democrat-caused public education damage than VOTING AGAINST A DEMOCRAT.