A Social Media Punking of Leftists Shows Them To Be Not Only Extremely Intolerant But Alarmingly Anti-Christian

A Social Media Punking of Leftists Shows Them To Be Not Only Extremely Intolerant But Alarmingly Anti-Christian

Forever it seems, when ROPE, or other conservative organizations, or parents have concerns that, “X is happening in public schools” (substitute the “X” for CRT, SEL, inappropriate ‘sex education’), the Leftists scream, “NO IT DOESN’T”. It doesn’t matter if you have a 3-D color photo of it happening in real time, the educrats inevitably just scream “NO IT DOESN’T”, as though these words are the only ones in their lexicon.

During the Common Core fight, public educators argued nearly every fact we uncovered regarding what the Standards said. Even when we’d publish exactly where we’d found whatever controversial topic we’d uncovered (and believe me there were plenty), the answer from the public school advocates was always some form of gaslighting meant to get people to disbelieve what their own eyes were seeing.

Just since writing about all the books found in public schoolsand assigned by English teachers – that were not developmentally appropriate at best and flat out pornographic at worst – the lefties have come out of the woodwork to call any parent who complains about these books “book burners” or “book banners”, as a way to disenfranchise their opinions and deprive them of their First Amendment right to free speech. After all, what’s the fun in being reasonable and saying something like, “Okay, well let’s remove sexually inappropriate materials from school libraries while leaving them at the community library level.” I mean, NO “CONSERVATIVE” IS SUGGESTING BANNING BOOKS, just preventing kids from getting to them unless their parents want them to have them.

Then, there are all the LGBT grooming issues originating in public schools and then being hidden from parents by the school (check below for a substantive list of how often this is now happening in public schools). THIS issue, prompted former Board member, Julia Seay, to pose the exceptionally rational question below. It was merely meant to make people put 2 and 2 together to get the 4 of, if you don’t want your kid baptized behind YOUR back, don’t LGBT my kid behind MY back.

Instead of rational – or even interesting – discussion, we got hundreds of comments similar to the ones posted below. I wanted to put them here because I so often hear people refer to Oklahoma as the “Bible Belt”, or talk about how Conservative (meaning Christian?) we are in this state. HEADS UP: Oklahoma is quickly becoming a-religious and worse – ANTI-CHRISTIAN. If you don’t believe me, read some of these comments posted after Julia’s question, which you can read in full for yourself by clicking on the screenshot above.


You get the idea…it went on and on and on…

Finally, a poster hit the nail on the head and – bless her heart – even defended us:

So, there you go. Anita says just what I would have said, but I’ll follow it up with a final thought.

THIS – this lack of critical thinking, narcissistic ideation, hatred of anything religious and/or Christian specifically, unimaginative, literal, inability to reason – did not come merely from the internet, IT CAME FROM PUBLIC EDUCATION. THIS is what we’re doing to kids with the money we earn with the sweat of our brow.

THIS represents educational malpractice of the highest order.

I’m a Christian. I try not to be fearful because I’m told in Isaiah 41:10 specifically not to be, but I can’t lie either; at this point, I’m afraid for our children in public schools and I’m afraid for our society and our way of life. We’re not leaving our kids a legacy to be proud of, we’re miseducating them and then turning them out like dogs on the county dump. It’s unbelievably horrifying and we should all commit to doing everything we can to PROPERLY educate our youth no matter what it takes to do so.