JENNI WHITE – President/Education Director –

Jenni has a Master’s in Biology and has taught public school from the college level to 7th grade. She also taught three of her own children through graduation and scores of others through their homeschool coop. A freelance writer, she has written numerous published articles and technical papers. She has also studied and written about federal, state and local education policy for over a decade, during which time she’s also proposed, written, and analyzed education legislation. From 2017-2021 Jenni served as the elected Mayor of the Town of Luther where she helped grow Town funds from 135 thousand to just over one million dollars. Jenni and her husband have been married since 1997 and have 5 children. You can find more about her work and experiences at LinkdIn.

TRACEY MONTGOMERY – Parental Rights Director –

NANCY BLALOCK – Treasurer –

MICHAEL GRANDE – Parent Liaison –

Michael is a dedicated husband to his wife Lauren. Together, they have five children, ages 17 to 8. Michael has been very active in his children’s educations and ran a campaign for election to the Edmond Public School Board in 2022. The son of an immigrant, Michael is no stranger to working long hours to succeed. He worked multiple jobs to put himself through college and since graduation, he has spent the last 19 years in business and finance.  Michael is the Chief Operating Officer of a private investment and management company and also owns and operates his own private consulting company. For the last five years, he served as a board member of the Vose Foundation, focused on supporting the health and needs of women and children in the greater Oklahoma City area. Michael has always loved and fiercely protected freedom.  He has firsthand knowledge of the abuse and poverty his father suffered as a boy before coming to America.  His grandmother, who survived a firing line in a WWII concentration camp, always reminded him that freedom isn’t free, to never take it for granted, and to always persevere. Michael and Lauren constantly encourage the values of hard work, family and taking care of your neighbor in their own children and remind them that, “At the end of the day, we must take responsibility for our actions and lives.”

Michael is VERY knowledgeable on the topic of Freedom Information Act Requests, so if you have questions for him regarding a FOIA, please email him directly.