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ROPE is the premier, parent & taxpayer-focused, education news and research non-profit in OK, empowering parents to regain control of their child’s education.

Begun as Restore Oklahoma Public Education in 2008, ROPE began fighting State Question 744 and has spent the years since, researching, writing and influencing legislation regarding issues related to public education at the local, state and national levels.

ROPE’s early concern over the Common Core State Standards initiative put us in the forefront of the fight against this micromanaged, one size fits all, curricula, but they have also studied and influenced legislation regarding student data collection, civics education and history standards, as well as public education funding, school grade cards and teacher attrition in Oklahoma. Our first research paper, “Common Core State Standards and Race to the Top: An Introduction to Marxism 101” was written in 2011 and has been published to both Barnes and Noble and Apple Books sites.

In 2014, after 4 years of concentrated effort, ROPE was gratified to witness the passage of HB3399, repealing the use of Common Core in Oklahoma. 

In 2015, ROPE changed its name to Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Empowerment and continued its history of paying for our needs out of our own home budgets.

In 2022, ROPE sought to become incorporated as an Oklahoma non-profit organization filing for IRS 501C3 status, hoping we could find groups or individuals who could help us with our expenses. We changed our mind, however, believing that we would rather have individual donors whom we knew believed in our mission, than corporate donors who may want us to change our mission or ideology for their benefit thanks to their donation. In addition, we didn’t want to be indebted to the federal government and be subject to their rules. Consequently, after speaking with attorneys and CPAs who work with us, we decided to file for non-profit status in Oklahoma and then pay the IRS their share of our donations at the end of every year.

In recent years, ROPE has assisted Senator Shane Jett in his effort to repeal the teaching of tenets affiliated with Critical Race Theory through Senate Bill 803 (the bill which became HB1775) while researching CRT-related school curricula and Social Emotional Learning (SB1442). We’ve also worked with Senator Nathan Dahm to increase US History Standards, (HB503), to name a few.

You can find all of ROPE’s blogs and research at their original blogspot where ROPE has been posting since 2011. It’s a simple site that makes searching any topic in the blog easy.

Today, ROPE continues to seek to equip parents with the information necessary to best champion their individual child’s educational needs and support legislation that empowers parents as the primary authority for their children – not school boards or public education authoritarians.

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