Once Again, OK Educrats Pull Students Into Their Activism – This Time Trying To Impeach Our State Superintendent

Once Again, OK Educrats Pull Students Into Their Activism – This Time Trying To Impeach Our State Superintendent

Heavy sigh…The liberal education establishment – Educrats as we like to call them – have once again scored an indoctrination goal.

Yes, this is from the Impeach Walters website. No, it’s not unprecedented for Educrats to pull in students for their little crybaby, bullying activities – see this post from a parent in Edmond during the 2018 teacher strike – or try on this news story from that same year for size:

In fact, teachers and the Oklahoma Commerce department alike LOVE indoctrinating children through what they call “Action Civics” brought to you by a non-profit called “Generation Citizen” whose motto is “Empowering Youth in Our Democracy Through Project-Based Civics” – doesn’t sound super Communist, does it? Okay, maybe a LOT. And guess what? Generation Citizen is funded by all the Lefty Liberals that like to spend money fighting conservatives.

They’re having an event in Oklahoma in December. I wonder how many lawmakers know about this?

But I digress. Back to the topic at hand. The crybaby bullies have established a website I won’t link here because I don’t want it to get traffic, but they have a logo very much like a logo a Conservative would design; an intact family with two American flags and the word “liberty”. In fact, the group that has created the website calls itself, “Families 4 Liberty”.

Here’s the kicker. THEY WON’T TELL YOU WHO IS BEHIND IT! They’ve been asked questions about their genesis because no self-respecting lefty Educrat wants to participate in something a Conservative would put together and the logo has been throwing them off, yet no answer is forthcoming. Their “about” page – instead of indicating that they have some transparency and guts by naming anyone involved – have inserted the portion of the movie “Spartacus” where everyone stands to say they’re Spartacus so Spartacus is not immediately drug out of the group and crucified.

Again, this seems to be a very bizarre attempt at humor, because the person involved with the largest group of Educrats – Oklahoma Edvocates – is Jami Cole who pushes switching voter registration for elections and demonizing (crucifying?) Christians.

I’m not allowed to know TOO much about what’s going on in the @okedvocates world because – like many Conservative Twitter (X) users – I’m blocked from seeing her content and can only search what she might be saying in another public forum.

Well, I’ll cry over that later, but right now, I want to point to one more thing on the Impeach Walters site I find seriously funny.

Here’s a helpful list of the mechanics behind impeachment. But let’s just look at the parameters of impeachment itself:

  1. Willful neglect of duty. ROPE doesn’t agree with everything Walters does, but he has been out doing his job faithfully whether you like what he’s doing or not. So, you’re out of luck there.
  2. Corruption in office. Walters will have to answer for the way Oklahoma’s COVID education funds were spent. There is an ongoing investigation, but I’m not sure it will rise to the level of corruption. We will see. I’m sure that sending out emails to gin up support for spending more taxpayer dollars on education through taxpayer email systems and colluding with an election PAC aren’t at all forms of corruption. Again, pot calling kettle black.
  3. Habitual drunkenness. Not Walters – though there have been numerous Oklahoma legislators meeting that metric in the last several years.
  4. Incompetency. I’ve not seen that yet and that’s a pretty hard bar to prove. As far as I’m concerned, the fact that Oklahoma teachers can’t educate students beyond 30% proficiency in math and English is incompetency, yet the legislators keep stealing from taxpayers to give them more money every year to do worse, so good luck with that category.
  5. Moral turpitude. Anyone know what that is? What teachers get in trouble for frequently. Like the picture at the top of the page. This category would actually surprise me from Walters, but again, it just seems too, well, hypocritical for a group of teachers to throw this one out when so many of them are having sex with their own students at the capitol, or in the band room, or their apartments.

The bottom line here is this: If Walters has done something impeachable, charges must be brought and answered. Until that happens, this is crybaby nonsense from people butthurt about the fact that they are getting slammed for the HORRIBLE jobs they are doing educating Oklahoma kids on the taxpayer dime and they DEFINITELY shouldn’t be bringing STUDENTS into their plans!