School board training in Oklahoma is mainly done via the non-profit Oklahoma State School Boards Association (OSSBA), a left-of-center organization paid for by taxpayers through membership fees paid by public schools which reports millions of dollars a year in revenue. ROPE has opposed OSSBA training of community-elected school board members and has proposed several bills to change both the type and origin of school board training in the state. You can read more on our efforts here.

Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with Oklahoma state law on school boards:

Title 70. Schools
§70-5-106. Governing body of school district.

Title 70. Schools
§70-5-107A. Boards of education of school districts – Membership – Election procedure.

Title 70. Schools
§70-5-107B. Expansion of a board of education – Chair and other positions.

Title 70. Schools
§70-5-110. Instructional requirements for new board members – Reimbursement for expenses – Agreement to attend when candidate files notification and declaration – Registration fees.

Title 70. Schools
§70-5-110.1. Board members – Continuing education requirement.

Title 70. Schools
§70-5-110.2. Records of attendance at continuing education events – Requirements not completed – Declaration of vacancy.


Leadership Institute (Virginia)

Mom’s For Liberty (online)

Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector (will train on budgeting/fiscal responsibility)