ROPE is an Oklahoma Non-Profit registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. We are not an IRS-registered organization (501C-3 or 501C-4), therefore, donations to ROPE are not tax-deductible.

Board members donate their time to the efforts of ROPE; creating the newsletter, podcasts, writing, researching and traveling, but we also have yearly monetary expenses for items that allow us to bring you information to create knowledge (for God says, “My people perish without knowledge.”)

When you donate to ROPE, you allow us to help meet our yearly expenses:

WordPress (website) subscription; $300/yr

StreamYard podcast platform; $468/yr

Constant Contact email program; $684/yr

Wondershare Filmora video editor; $99/yr

Microsoft 360 (word processing/; $99/yr

TOTAL: $1,652/yr

And we have five different ways to donate according to what works best for you!

You can become a member of our Patreon, where we post audio of our podcasts to Spotify and add video and information to which our regular viewers do not have access. Click on the Patreon logo to find our account, or click HERE.

Donate with a Credit Card on GIVE SEND GO

Donate with a Credit Card on PayPal

Donate via your VENMO account to ROPE @rope2 or take a photo of the QR code below and that will take you directly to our page.

Or, you can send a check directly to our mailing address:

Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Empowerment

21900 North Indian Meridian

Luther, Oklahoma 73054

Thank you so much for thinking of ROPE! We hope to provide information that helps build your knowledge banks so that when it comes time to make change, you are able to help do just that! Please email with any comments, suggestions or concerns. Please email our Treasurer, Nancy if you would like information on our financial records or if you have questions about donation