Ryan Walters’ Video Shows Parents The Truth About The Education Establishment, Which Makes Them Mad – And That Makes Us Happy

Ryan Walters’ Video Shows Parents The Truth About The Education Establishment, Which Makes Them Mad – And That Makes Us Happy

To be clear, ROPE has not agreed with Ryan Walters on the concept of “School Choice” at all in any way – and this is a big thing because it limits the power of parents to care for and educate their children. HOWEVER, we agree with him on just about everything else he’s waded into in a big way. Especially his absolute fearlessness in calling out LEFTY teachers/administration/unions wherever they are.

For years, as ROPE attempted to STOP Common Core, or help create non-Common Core educational standards or complained about teacher walkouts – we’ve been absolutely ASSAULTED and DEMONIZED on social media by the Leftist teaching cabal in Oklahoma which is alive and well and going by the hashtag #oklaed. This hashtag encompasses many groups, but a few are Oklahoma Edvocates, Oklahomans for Public Education, Oklahoma State School Boards Association, OEA and Pastors For Oklahoma Kids. I’m not giving any links here, but all you need to do is get on Twitter and follow that hashtag to see the people who run education in Oklahoma and what they’re all about. They don’t suffer fools – and that category encompasses ANY Republican (other than Democrats in Republican suits), ROPE and Ryan Walters specifically.

#oklaed are not for parents, they are for schools. They are not for transparency, they are for money. They are not for equality, they are for power. They are everything we need to extricate from Oklahoma educational facilities – partisan, tone-deaf, angry, name-calling, social justice warriors who hide behind the “but it’s for children” mantra as a way to push their lefty agendas.

In fact, Jami Cole – the Duncan 5th grade teacher who runs the Oklahoma Edvocates organization – has blocked our ROPE account on Twitter. Why? Who knows for sure, but I re-tweeted an ‘incendiary’ tweet in which she says that people who push vouchers are Christian Nationalists. Okay, well, ROPE hates vouchers, but we ARE a group of Christian men and women and leftists have coined the term “Christian Nationalist” as a way to shush Christians – much like they coined the term “insurrectionist” to shut down Trump supporters – so I see that as a problem.

But it’s not just that. Cole goes on to tell voters to switch parties in order to vote for Hoffmeister and Nelson for Governor and State Superintendent. Fascinating. Why she didn’t want me to retweet the idea she clearly seems proud of – who knows?

Jump to yesterday, May 25th. The Oklahoman – in an article which lists no author – published, “Ryan Walters launches ‘incendiary’ video denouncing teachers unions“. Inside the article – which is only available for subscribers – is the video they label ‘incendiary’. It’s on the front page of the OSDE website too – though the Oklahoman article says it was uploaded to YouTube and then taken down – implying someone didn’t want it up.

The video uploaded with the Oklahoman story includes interviews with both Jami Cole (wearing her Oklahoma Edvocates shirt) and Erika Wright (founder of another Oklahoma left-of-center organization called the Rural Schools Coalition). Erika Wright is apparently familiar with the definition of ‘incendiary’ as her quote for the story was that the video would, “get teachers killed” and that Walters “needs to be impeached”.

Teacher’s unions are not for kids – they’re for teachers and social change. If you use a search engine OTHER than Google, you could simply search “NEA” and find out stuff that would make the eyes of most parents bleed.

THAT’S why #oklaed is so angry about this video – IT SHOWS HOW OUT OF TOUCH WITH AMERICAN PARENTS, TEACHER’S UNIONS and their supporters – ARE.

It shows that there ARE pornographic books being pushed into public schools, it shows that teachers DO want to subvert parental rights when it comes to gender issues – in fact it shows unequivocally the obvious agenda to push gender issues on KIDS, period. That’s why the Oklahoman published it without ANY OTHER VOICES beyond those they wanted to hear commenting about the video.

George Keiser-supported Oklahoma Watch did the same thing with the Jennifer Palmer-penned “Superintendent Ryan Walters’ Video Escalates Attacks on Teacher Unions”

So here’s the deal – QUIT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE NEWS MEDIA. Watch the video for yourself. If you don’t believe what’s on the video, research the topics for yourself. Ryan is right here. Teacher’s unions are not the friend of parents or kids and in fact, I believe they actually seek to harm children in the long run because that’s what Marxists do – ruin families.

Also, while we’re at it, research your kid’s teachers. Find out who they are and what they could be telling your children when you are not around. Many are simply good people trying to do a job today that is ridiculously tough by any standard, many think they are doing the right thing by being their student’s friends and removing parents from the parental equation, some are simply predators and we know this from the constant news stories about teachers who have sexually preyed on their charges.

We do not live in your parents world. Wake up. Do your research. And for God sakes pray for our State Superintendent. He wears a heavy yoke standing against this dark agenda and for parents and kids.