Six Reasons OKC Residents Should VOTE NO On BOTH OKC Public Schools Bond Issues

Six Reasons OKC Residents Should VOTE NO On BOTH OKC Public Schools Bond Issues

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/8/22), Oklahoma City voters will go to the polls.  After voting for numerous candidates, OKC voters will have TWO PROPOSITIONS on which to vote to provide OKC Public Schools numerous opportunities for spending their property taxes.

Let’s look at the reasons to VOTE NO:

1. This bond initiative will SUBSTANTIALLY increase property taxes on Oklahoma City residents.  The Oklahoman says the issue would “raise the district’s mill levy to $26 for every $1,000 of assessed property value”.  This means if you own a house assessed at 175,000, your property taxes per year would be $4,550.  What will this do to the elderly and those on fixed incomes?

2. Oklahoma City Public Schools has HORRIBLE scores overall.  Let’s look at just a few of these (which you can verify here):

  • Britton Elementary: 90% BELOW GRADE LEVEL in English – 97% BELOW GRADE LEVEL in Math (demographics: 6.6% Caucasian, 41% Black, .5% Asian, 46.4% Hispanic
  • Quail Creek Elementary: 64% BELOW GRADE LEVEL in English – 75% BELOW GRADE LEVEL in Math (demographics: 44% Caucasian, 29.4% Black, 2.3% Asian, 10.3% Hispanic)
  • Bodine Elementary: 89% BELOW GRADE LEVEL in English – 93% BELOW GRADE LEVEL in Math (demographics: 13.3% Caucasian, 43.9% Black, 0% Asian, 29.6% Hispanic, 4.2% Native American
  • Cesar Chavez Elementary: 94% BELOW GRADE LEVEL in English – 95% BELOW GRADE LEVEL in Math – 95% BELOW GRADE LEVEL in Math (demographics: 8.3% Caucasian, 5.3% Black, .4% Asian, 81.9% Hispanic, 1.8% Native American

These scores mean that the students in these schools are essentially NOT BEING EDUCATED AT ALL.  Why in the world should anyone reward OKCPS for NOT DOING THEIR JOB in the first place.

3. If you are a renter, you do not directly pay property tax, but the company/organization/person who owns the building in which you live does.  How can the owners NOT pass such a significant property tax increase on to their tenets.

4. OKCPS Superintendent Sean McDaniel – who broke SB658 which prevented school boards from requiring masks – asked the Board to FIRE five teachers last year for following the law and NOT wearing masks while teaching.

5. Superintendent McDaniel also spoke out against the passage of HB1775, saying, “HB1775 is a solution looking for a problem that doesn’t exist.”  After passage of the bill, the entire eight member OKCPS School Board voted to FORMALLY DENOUNCE THE BILL.

6. This year – as in previous years since 2017OKCPS participated in the OKC Pride Alliance Parade WITH A TAXPAYER-FUNDED SCHOOL BUS.

OKCPS does not in any way exemplify – or even typify – a functional, taxpayer-supported, educational institution; they are – like so many public schools – a system of government-supported indoctrination centers serving to spread the ‘woke’ infection.