Anatomy Of A Political Pushcard

Anatomy Of A Political Pushcard

Maressa Treat – wife of State Senate ProTemp Greg Treat (who was challenged for his position as ProTemp for the 2023 session) – is running for Court Clerk.

These are photos from Mrs. Treat’s pushcard which I received in the mail the week of January 23rd. These cost money to design, print and mail. Because of this, Oklahoma Ethics Rules require that Ethics forms be filed – for transparency sake – with the Oklahoma County Election Board (OCEB) in the case of a County election such as County Clerk.

This morning, I called the OCEB. The woman who answered had to ask someone whether or not they ‘could’ provide the reports to me. She returned to the phone and explained that I would have to come to the OCEB where I could “look” at them. They would not provide these forms electronically.

Cleveland County provides Ethics forms electronically if you call them and Muskogee County posts Ethics forms online. What is the matter with the OCEB? This is PUBLIC information. Something else here to be considered.

These are photos from Mrs. Treat’s LinkedIn account that describe her work history. I see nothing in her previous work history that is NOT involved in politics. Her work in the ‘private’ sector has been with the State Chamber, or firms that work as/with political consultants.

So, let’s ask the following questions:

– What makes Treat a ‘Conservative’ – let alone a PROVEN Conservative? What in her work history speaks to this statement? Her work for James Lankford? What about the State Chamber? Maybe GRPro – essentially a political consulting firm who also represents Mrs. Treat’s husband? Because she worked for Americans United for Life?

– What makes her ‘trusted’? By what group of people? Political consultants? State Chamber members? Unfortunately, none of these categories emblazon the word TRUST on my mind.

– What does being ‘pro law enforcement’ have to do with being the County Clerk? How is this connection explained on the card? Is there a connection at all, or is it a sales pitch?

– Why would it be important that she is ‘pro business’ or ‘economic growth’? What does that have to do with being the County Clerk or doing the job of County Clerk? Is this a sales pitch too?

– How does Treat provide ‘increased transparency’ and ‘accountability’? Nothing on the card speaks to that assertion at all, nor does anything in her published work history specifically.

– How do we ‘share values’? How can she make that statement without knowing mine, or anyone else’s in the County?

When you get a PUSHCARD In the mail from a candidate, ASK YOURSELF THESE TYPES OF QUESTIONS and then contact the candidate and ask them directly if you can’t ferret the answers out for yourself, or draw conclusions from their work history. DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING WRITTEN ON POLITICAL MAILERS – or anything for that matter. Study everything and anything political for yourself.