School Board Elections Are Coming UP!  Be PREPARED With This Information!

School Board Elections Are Coming UP! Be PREPARED With This Information!

For years, ROPE has been preaching about the importance of SCHOOL BOARD RACES to parents and students. Although many people don’t realize it, SCHOOL BOARDS have nearly ALL THE POWER in a school! NOT the superintendent – THE BOARD – which should be IDEALLY made up of parents with children in the school.

If you are interested in running for school board, you must RUN to your county election board ASAP. The date for filing for running STARTS TOMORROW – December 5-7th! Go to your COUNTY Election Board to file. Please see THIS LINK for the filing packet and all information regarding School Board Elections.

Here’s a table that gives you information on WHAT a School Board member should do – as opposed to what the Superintendent should do.

Here’s a link to Title 70 Section 70-3-104, “State Board of Education – Powers and duties” in the event you’d like to see for yourself.

In the event that you would like to have a candidate forum in your area – or simply ask questions of your school board candidates, we’ve developed the 20 below for your use!


  1. Do you know how to tell male from female in most species of mammals in North America? Should an educator be required to reach that level of competency?
  2. What are the pros and cons of A-B schedules?
  3. Should your Superintendent have the wisdom to fire teachers who provide litter boxes or sexual instruction for children?
  4. How many administrators does it take to provide programs that have nothing to do with education?
  5. How many federal grants does it take to prevent the need for parents?
  6. Are you opposed to parents taking the main role in raising their children (education, food, transportation, and entertainment, physical and mental health care, sex ed, spiritual guidance)?
  7. At what age is it educational for a teacher or librarian to offer your child pornography?
  8. Do you trust trained teachers to carry a firearm in class to protect themselves and their students?
  9. Will you have concerned parents arrested for attending school board meetings?
  10. Do you want to take your school board training from a “non-profit” who makes $Millions per year and considers concerned parents domestic terrorists?
  11.  Are you for or against adults having sex with minors?
  12.  Should school counselors be allowed to advise children to keep secrets from parents, or encourage them to have sex or to have medical procedures?
  13.  Who do school board members work for? 
  14.  Should children be masked and treated like lepers when .005% of them get sick? Should schools close down for those statistics?
  15.  What are the pros and cons of virtual schools?
  16.  Should parents be allowed entry to see their children or faculty during the school day?
  17.  Are you familiar with Social Emotional Learning, Critical Race Theory, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, as well as Environmental Social Governance programs and their application in the classroom?
  18.  Should schools follow the spirit of a law even if they can find a loophole?
  19.  What challenges do you expect as a member of your school board?
  20. Do you have the guts to stand strong against absurdity to protect Oklahoma children even when the globalists offer you or your school money?

Now that you have a big chunk of information to help you either RUN or VOTE for your local school board candidate – GET OUT THERE AND GET INVOLVED!!!