The Prison We Don’t Know We Are In

The Prison We Don’t Know We Are In

Let’s get to the root of the problem. When school personnel or school boards disrespect parents, they are teaching children to disrespect their parents. That goes against the very nature of mankind. It is destroying the health of our society physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, financially… The ONLY reason for schools to exist is so parents have people they approve of to come alongside to assist them in educating their children. Everything educators from outside the home do should be at the request and under supervision of the parents. What we have going on now completely goes against nature and nature’s God.

Marxism is a religion that intends to destroy families so that people can be oppressed into slavery. Schools are collecting data on your family to control people. It has NOTHING to do with education. Do not submit. It is way past time to turn the tables. You collect information on them. Ask personally intrusive questions about everyone in your child’s circle from the producers of the curriculum and library books, to everyone in administration, to every person in your child’s building.

They work you for you! Would you hire them to mentor your children?

Whenever you look to government to solve a family issue, you are participating in Marxism. Marxists naturally disrespect parents. Currently, government schools want to educate, give spiritual guidance, transport, feed, entertain, counsel, and provide health care to your child. Then if you have an issue, there will be parent training available. You are surrendering your inalienable rights and the rights of your future generations. You are confining yourself to prison.

We all have different life stories and a plethora of life situations. Don’t focus on the obstacles; focus on the solutions. If something has been done before, that proves it can be done. If something has never been done before but you’re thinking about it, it may be you who breaks that glass ceiling. So consider only HOW to solve the problem for your family or for several families. It isn’t going to be by bowing before the school boards to beg them to stop abusing your children. If that’s who they are, they will never be good for your child’s education.

We often hear that there is no solution for working parents. We also hear from other working parents – single or married – that make private school or home school work. One of those who made the leap may have a solution for you. Let’s open up communication for an exchange of ideas! There are some great teachers out there now who recently retired because they see what we see as unacceptable. Churches should be concerned enough to open their doors. Let’s work on that one.

Bottom line, public schools as we know them must become obsolete. Government sponsored education is spiraling downward and the disrespect for parents and downright indecency is through the roof. Public school children are intentionally being confused and confounded. Counselors are being trained to divide children from parents. Some children even come to school dressed as animals. That has been going on for years IN OKLAHOMA! Mental illness is being promoted. The plug has been pulled; it is going down the drain. Pull your children out of the vortex. God first, family second, government…well, take a hike. Stay tuned for ideas and solutions and connections for greater possibilities for real education!

Julia Seay