The Empress (Joy Hofmeister) Has No Clothes

The Empress (Joy Hofmeister) Has No Clothes

Guest Post by Don Krumme, Stop Common Core in Oklahoma

Around 10 years ago, Bill Gates and other liberal and conservative elites, Corporate America, and Federal and Local elected officials, began to implement an educational scheme known as “Common Core”, whose goal was to radically indoctrinate our children by lowering expectations, dumb down education, even the playing field for all, and create a class of workers that couldn’t think for themselves. In essence, it was ObamaCare for Education and we knew it. 

Many of us from all walks of life across the USA banded together to expose Common Core for what it was, and formed a formidable nationwide coalition. @Retain Oklahoma Parental Empowerment and @Stop Common Core in Oklahoma joined in to spread the word on Facebook. 

In 2013 Oklahoma State School Superintendent Janet Baressi came up for re-election, and Joy Hofmeister challenged her. Not fond of Baressi, many of us got behind Hofmeister after she reassured us that she would not support Common Core.  This was a big mistake.

Naturally, this all changed during the fight for new, non-Common Core, state standards when we were deceived by Hofmeister so they could usher in shiny new “non-Common Core” Common Core standards, leaving us once again to fight our State Superintendent. 

We learned then and there what an expert manipulator she was, and she had a real knack for twisting the facts. We were there. Do not fall for her story. She will not help our state in any form or fashion. DO NOT vote for Joy Hofmeister.

The Empress has no clothes.

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