HELP! For Which Judges Should I Vote?

HELP! For Which Judges Should I Vote?

Several judges are up for election on November 8th. Often, people simply vote to retain or don’t vote because they don’t know how to get information to cast an INFORMED vote for judges on the ballot in Oklahoma.

Fortunately several Oklahoma bloggers have compiled some really great information on Oklahoma judges, so I refuse to re-invent the wheel.

Michael Bates of Batesline has very interesting information on judges. I’ve taken a screenshot of the upshot of his blog in the event you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to read the whole blog. (PLEASE DO, HOWEVER. WE NEED TO SUPPORT OKLAHOMA RESEARCHERS AND BLOGGERS!)

Another Oklahoma blogger, Jamison Faught of Muskogee Politico has released not one, but TWO blogs on the topic. Again, I’ve screenshotted his picks, but again, PLEASE VISIT HIS BLOGS.

The one thing I appreciated Michael bringing into the mix is Judge Barbara Swinton’s term on the Seeworth Academy Board during the time that their superintendent was embezzling taxpayer funds. I cannot vote for this woman specifically for that reason.

Now, if you simply can’t take anyone’s word for anything, check out this great website – They have a comprehensive listing of Oklahoma judges on the ballot and information about their backgrounds. This is another source from which you can become more educated, but you can also go to and look at the (bare minimal) information they have on Oklahoma judges.

PLEASE, these positions are much too important to leave blank. READ UP ON THESE JUDGES AND VOTE, NOVEMBER 8th!