Sex Education – An Asset, Or A Liability, To Oklahoma Students?

Sex Education – An Asset, Or A Liability, To Oklahoma Students?

In September (2022), Senator David Bullard asked me to do some research on Sex Education in Oklahoma for an Oklahoma House of Representatives Common Education Committee Interim Study on Sex Education created by himself and Representatives Sherrie Conley and Danny Williams. Senator Bullard didn’t provide instruction as to what the research should say, just to perform the research.

Candidly, though no scientific researcher worth their salt should, I began the project believing that Sex Education was a liability to Oklahoma students simply because of my history.

I am Oklahoma born (1962) and bred; the child of a public school English teacher and a student of public education throughout the 1970’s, graduating one of the largest, Oklahoma City high schools (John Marshall) in 1981. I remember all 6th grade girls (it couldn’t have been 5th grade because we were all bussed clear across town to provide Oklahoma students ‘equity’ that year) being drug into a darkened room and shown a film about the basic anatomy of a girl which included a bit about puberty and menstruation. I remember nothing similar over my entire public school career.

I’m not a spring chicken. Growing up, we didn’t have the internet and our TV screens went dark after a round of the Star Spangled Banner at midnight each day, playing nothing but the call sign and white noise until 5 am the next morning.

Sex, however, was on the mind of most every student I knew after 7th grade in one way or another. Yet for my girlfriends and I, discussions about ‘sex’ were mostly confined to what guy was the cutest or could be the best kisser and who would we marry – at least until high school. Even then, between what parents had actually told one or two of us and what had been passed around at school from other sources, by 10th grade we’d figured out nearly every gory detail about sex whether we were interested or not, or whether or not we would – or could – bring ourselves to actually do anything about what we’d found out. Even if we’d wanted to try, most all our mothers were at home during the day, so finding someplace to go where we wouldn’t be found out was gross and not a risk any of us were willing to take.

Yes, I did know a girl who got pregnant in high school, but there was never a ‘rash of pregnancies’ in any of my grades. No, though there was always scuttlebutt in the halls, I never knew anyone who admitted to being gay while in high school. In fact, the vast majority of us had no idea what a ‘transgender’ person was – nor any of the other gender categories identified today – and all our school ‘clubs’ were related to either sports, academics, or the arts. Most kids were NOT having sex and those who were, were branded a ‘slut’, or ‘easy’ behind their back and just the idea of having one of those nouns attached to your name was not okay with even the wildest child . (During my high school career, the rural guys all carried shotguns or rifles in racks on their back window and school shootings were exactly ZERO, FYI.)

Today, life is massively different for kids in every single way; nearly all children are exposed to non-stop media across all levels of technology – be it a computer, a computer pad or a cell phone – on a daily, minute-to-minute basis. Most kids are ‘latch key’ kids whose parents both work and are – on some level – raising themselves. Gone are the days of kids getting information from kids – who more than likely got it from a parent or an older sibling. If parents aren’t using really great software filters – and sometimes even if they are – the internet and computer apps are flooding kids with messaging, pictures and ideas meant to be way beyond their abilities to decode at their developmental states in attempt to destroy their innocence and create little sexualized automatons who feel more than think and have minimal attachment to their parents (and certainly none to Jesus).

Meanwhile public school, administrators – many of whom live on their woke-sy hatred of the idea of ‘shame’ as a motivator (probably because it’s actually worked for hundreds of years and produced many times less suicides than gender transition surgery) – are dutifully marching the Marxist line of pushing and accepting every form of behavior known to man, with, or without the knowledge of a parent or guardian, in order to most effectively sever the tie between parent and child while inserting the state into that role.

Consequently, who could really determine how or where young people are influenced by sex most today – technology, or the state (through public education).


According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health Adolescent Sexual Health in Oklahoma report for 2021, STD rates are climbing at an alarming rate while pregnancy rates are falling.

On a side note, there is a HUGE difference between pregnancy rates and percentage of pregnancy. A pregnancy ‘rate’ is a function of time – the number of pregnancies per the population number studied across a span of time usually multiplied by 1000. Pregnancy percentage is simply the number of pregnancies in an age rage divided by the total number in the age range multiplied by 100. Pregnancy RATES are MUCH LARGER than pregnancy percentages which is VERY MISLEADING. For example; for 1991 the teen birth RATE in the age group 15-17 is 41. The percentage of pregnant girls between 15 and 17 for 1991 is 5.7% or 0.057 of the entire 15-17 population of young women in Oklahoma during 1991. What sounds scarier? The first or the second?

Additionally, when you look at that page on the Oklahoma State Department of Health website, you’ll notice that the date across which birth rates are compared becomes more recent in time. Where are the stats across more than one decade? Where are the stats from MY era? Why continue to move up the date for comparison to current time? Do you suppose it suits the needs of Health Department programming NOT to have to show linear, historical data from previous decades?

Public health officials (I was an Epidemiologist for the Oklahoma Health Department from 1990-1992 so I have a bit of a clue) are often in the business of pushing PROGRAMMING to justify taxpayer dollars, not protecting individual rights – we should keep that in mind.—family-health/maternal-and-child-health-service/data-and-evaluation/teen-birth-statistics.html

We know that the ‘evidence based’ sex ed programs being used in Oklahoma, Making a Difference!, Making Proud Choices!, Love Notes and Positive Prevention PLUS are being provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Health thanks to a grant provided by PREP (Personal Responsibility Education Program) via the US Department of Health and Human Services, Family and Youth Services Bureau (an Office of the Administration for Children & Families) – did you get all that? In other words, the federal government is subsidizing Oklahoma sex ed through the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

We know that ETR provides these – and other – sex ed curricula.

We also know that etr advocates engaging in sex with HIV-infected persons.

We know that Planned Parenthood teaches that abstinence can include “outercourse” which is everything but vaginal sex and that kids should try and ‘avoid’ sexually transmitted diseases.

We know that an organization called “Amplify” out of Tulsa also provides all of these programs – and more – to Tulsa area public schools. According to their website, “Evidence-Based Sexual Health education is being taught to every student enrolled in 7th-grade science and high school biology at Tulsa Public Schools unless a parent opts their student out.”

We know that Amplify partners with Planned Parenthood and PREP. We know that PREP is an activist organization which pushes abortion and contraception.

We know that the PREP website prominently provides access to a newsletter called “The Bedsider” and the “Abortion Finder”.

Family Watch International has created a website against Comprehensive Sex Education that provides many valuable resources for parents concerned about sex education in their child’s school.

One of their handouts lists numerous harmful effects of sex education on children under 18, many of which were covered in my research and discussed during my presentation to the Interim Study Committee. Here is the list: it sexualizes children, teaches children to consent to sex, normalizes anal and oral sex, promotes homosexual/bisexual behavior, teaches children sexual pleasure, promotes solo or mutual masturbation, eroticizes condom use, promotes early sexual independence, fails to establish abstinence as the goal, promotes gender confusion, teaches abortion/contraception, promotes peer-to-peer sex ed/sexual rights advocacy, undermines traditional values and beliefs, violates or undermines parental rights and refers children to harmful resources.

Sex Education in Oklahoma schools should be stopped IMMEDIATELY. Parents must be allowed to parent their own children without interference from the state, and state-promoted sex education puts the state between a child and their parent. Yes, parents in Oklahoma may ‘opt out’ of sex education, however, just like opting out of dirty literature, students feel intense peer pressure from having been excluded and are often targeted for bullying by teachers and school administrators. Please look through the citations provided and like and share our video and slide presentation as well.

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