Dark Money – Elections and Ethics Dark Money Interim Study

Dark Money – Elections and Ethics Dark Money Interim Study

This is the video from the Oklahoma House of Representatives website recorded during the Interim Study on Dark Money held by the Elections and Ethics Committee at the Oklahoma State Capitol, 9/7/22.

Only the Chair, Representative Jim Olsen and the Vice-Chair, Representative Max Wolfley were in attendance for the presentation. In addition, Ethics Director Ashley Kemp left before my presentation and was not available to answer any of the questions asked in my presentation.

Please, if you have questions after watching the video above (or the full video of my presentation to the Tulsa 912) contact the members of the Elections and Ethics Committee listed below and tell them so. We must let our legislators know that the practices outlined in the video are not ok with Oklahomans and changes must be made. Transparency in elections is paramount to the continuation of our Republic.

Jim.Olsen@okhouse.gov, Max.Wolfley@okhouse.gov, Merleyn.Bell@okhouse.gov, Cyndi.Munson@okhouse.gov, Jim.Grego@okhouse.gov, David.Smith@okhouse.gov, Anthony.Moore@okhouse.gov, Rande.Worthen@okhouse.gov

Here is the link the Oklahoma Ethics Commission. Here is the link to their staff page and here is the link to the Ethics Commissioners.

Please send this link and any others on this website to friends and educate them about what is going on in Oklahoma elections and who’s behind the over 5 million dollars spent on Independent Expenditures in Oklahoma over the primary and run-off elections so far this year (22).