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Part 2: Senator Jake Merrick’s Loss Engineered At The Hands of Oklahoma’s School Choice (Voucher) Cabal Who Helped Spend Nearly 350 Thousand Dollars To Elect His Opponent

By Jenni White - Education Director July 22, 2022 2

While every political campaign has numerous points for failure from fundraising to voter contact, a post mortem of Jake Merrick’s re-election campaign shows that a combination of dark money and redistricting probably did more than anything to sink the re-election campaign of a fine man and public servant.

Is SB1647 (Education Voucher) Now Only For Homeschooling Families? An Analysis.

By Jenni White - Education Director March 5, 2022 1

SB1647 grows government, infringes on the individual liberty of those who have taken the personal responsibility to care for their own children to the point of paying twice (taxes and tuition) and takes responsibility from churches and individuals to help those who need help. The concept is wrong and the bill is poorly written. That’s really about all there is to it.