The Corruption Belt: MISLEADING Mailers Against SD28 Candidate Jeff McCommas From Advance Oklahoma PAC – Another PAC With Ties To Fount Holland (CAMP)

The Corruption Belt: MISLEADING Mailers Against SD28 Candidate Jeff McCommas From Advance Oklahoma PAC – Another PAC With Ties To Fount Holland (CAMP)

Advance Oklahoma PAC has some very interesting connections and affiliations – and just put out a hit piece on a candidate running against a Fount Holland (CAMP) client.

Today I received a mailer against a candidate in my local SD28 race – Jeff McCommas.

Jeff is running against Fount Holland (CAMP) candidate Grant Green.  Mr. Holland is the man who was arrested and charged for working with then-candidate Joy Hofmeister to coordinate voter messaging through an Independent Expenditure – a PAC that must be independent of a candidate and his/her committee.

This mailer is tied to a group called Advance Oklahoma PAC.  Note the diagram above.  Advance Oklahoma PAC has many things in common with a PAC called Build and Protect.  They both have the same Treasurer – Dustin McIntyre.  They both spend money through three groups – CAMPAmber Integrated and South Creek Group.

Advance Oklahoma and Build and Protect PAC share an address.

This is what corresponds to the address listed:

Both phone numbers produce similar generic answering messages – essentially no one is available to take the call, please leave a message.

Now, here comes an even more interesting tie – the candidates associated with the PACs. 

Advance Oklahoma lists Independent Expenditures for Gabe Renfrow, Logan Phillips, Hunter Zearley, Teresa Sterling, Jeff Sawatzky and Grant Green.  The only one who is NOT a CAMP client is a direct mail expense for Richard Miller (running for HD49).  But here again is an interesting parallel.

Build and Protect PAC has IE’s supporting only CAMP client John George (running for HD36), but for 1 entry supporting Senator Brenda Stanley (a Neva Hill client).

Inside the Advance Oklahoma PAC there is only ONE documented expense paid to CAMP.  That for Richard Miller (an Ascend client).

Notice that both of these entries have funds expended through CAMP.

Advance Oklahoma PAC is registered with the Federal Election Committee as a Super PAC (it can only spend money for candidates who don’t know it’s spending money for them).  

Note the Treasurer is the same as registered on the other PAC paperwork.  Interestingly, the address on the FEC paperwork corresponds to the address below.

But there’s more.

Looking through the expenditures at shows thousands and thousands of dollars in expenditures to CAMP for the same time period as recorded through the Ethics Commission website for Advance Oklahoma PAC – this is just one page.

Now for the questions.


  • have no legitimate address or phone number tying it to a business or at least a person responsible for the PAC?
  • pay the political consultant of the client for which the PAC is spending money and still be INDEPENDENT?
  • have so many things in common as these two PACS who seem to work only for CAMP clients while also paying CAMP for work the PAC does?

If this is legal, it shouldn’t be.  If it’s illegal, it should be prosecuted.  Where is justice for all the good candidates who are having voters turn against them because of baseless claims by people who seem to be colluding with their clients to change voter perception using money that is supposed to be INDEPENDENT of their candidate campaigns.

In case it’s not legible, the McCommas mailer makes the baseless, untrue claim that Jeff is pro-choice on the basis of an UNRETURNED survey sent out by Oklahoman’s for Life.  Jeff doesn’t even remember getting that survey.  What candidate remembers to fill out every survey they get?  This would be flat silliness if it weren’t so destructive to good people who have put aside their businesses and families and budgets to become SERVANT leaders at our state capitol.

Here’s Jeff’s own mailer from today.  Vote Jeff McCommas.