Out of This World – Queer: The Ultimate Guide For Teens

Out of This World – Queer: The Ultimate Guide For Teens

December 2, 2021 0 By Andrea Crouch

Backtrack to June 2021. Queer: The Ultimate Guide for Teens by Kathy Belge is propped-up on display within arm’s reach of all children and teens who visit the Bethany Library. A teen, who could be your own son or daughter, flips the pages and finds details of two boys kissing and a page describing the attraction he might have to a certain character in the movie Aladdin.

Sound out of this world?

It’s not. It is real and it happened this past summer at every library in the metro. What about the month celebrating heterosexual attraction and a Biblical view of sex? It doesn’t exist.

But the Guiding Values of the Metropolitan Library System says the library is ‘inclusive’ and dedicated to ‘fair and equitable circulation.’

I have an idea. Let’s stop promoting books at the library. You can’t possibly make everyone happy. It’s like promoting OSU but not OU; I guarantee THAT would make the tax-paying citizens of Oklahoma County mad!

What if the library would promote character virtues: courage, friendship, honesty, responsibility, loyalty, work, compassion?

Until then, libraries will be busy keeping the LGBTQ+ community happy by promoting and celebrating their worldview in displays that confuse and harm our children.

Please take time today to call the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Library System, Mr. Larry White, at 603-3725. Tell him you are a tax-paying citizen who is unhappy that the library displays books that have potential to harm the most vulnerable members of our community, our children.